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Building Relationships One Neighbor At A Time.

Our goal is to encourage participation and connections in our communities. We must be more involved in our community. Distressed communities are the most in need of community participation. We have to change the narrative, better yet we must promote the positive narrative that already exists.

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Love Respect Acknowledgement

Our Legacy will inculcate our communities of the importance of saying “Hello”

Saying Hello is greeting and giving Goodwill and Benevolence to one another.

This changes the dynamics of our community

enacting change with

Love, Respect, and Acknowledgement.

Our Mission

In my neighborhood saying "Hello" is necessary and a powerful tool

We are two sisters from the Woodlawn community here in Chicago and we have taken to the streets with our “HELLO” campaign. The campaign was born out of our experience of growing up in impoverished neighborhoods in Chicago. We co-own a home in the Woodlawn area of Chicago. We have a strong sense of community and a heart to serve. We are motivated by our own experiences of growing up in a poor community and having struggled with having a mother with a severe mental disability. We are driven to help the community grow into the place of safety, security, growth, and nourishment for the body, minds, and soul. The Purpose of the “Hello” campaign, is to reach out to the community and foster a sense of community awareness and love through “Love, Respect, and Acknowledgement”. We intend to take to the streets of the community and open up a dialogue with those in the community using the power of “HELLO”.